Women aged 18-24 are at an elevated risk of experiencing sexual violence. For college students, the risk is highest during their first semester. Experts refer to this as “The Red Zone”: a period of vulnerability for sexual assaults, beginning when freshmen first walk onto campus until Thanksgiving break. Estimates suggest that only 20% of female college student victims report these crimes to law enforcement. One of the top cited reasons for underreporting is the belief that victims lack adequate evidence to present to law enforcement.


The Power of Documentation

What could help these vulnerable students collect evidence to implicate their assailants? A discrete camera, embedded into jewelry and coupled with an application used by both victims and law enforcement. Such a device can empower women to document situations in which they are threatened or under attack.



Named for the Tagalog word for lighthouse, Parola products shine a light in the darkness. The jewelry is connected via bluetooth to the users cell phone, and includes a small camera as well as an emergency call button. Users can take photographs which are uploaded into an application designed to generate reports to law enforcement. The resulting evidence remains within a secure chain of custody should it be required in a trial or hearing.


Hopefully, most users will never need to do anything with their Parola jewelry besides wear it. But in the tragic circumstance in which they need to document violence, they can do so with a touch of a button.